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Security Information for Shows & Events at The Sands Centre

Posted in: by Niall Sanderson on 5 June 2017
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Your safety and enjoyment are our primary concerns and we remain vigilant at all times, deploying specialist security personal and engaging with the Police when it is determined that extra security measures may be required. 

Please be aware that with immediate effect the following rules and procedures will apply to all events at The Sands Centre:
  • No Bags Policy - Patrons will not be able to bring large bags, cases, luggage or shopping bags into the auditorium. The only exception to this will be suitably sized ladies handbags.
  • Security Searches - Searches may be carried out upon entry to the venue. Liquids are not permitted into the venue.
  • See It - Report It - Should you see or hear anything suspicious please report it to a member of staff immediately, giving as much detail as possible. 
  • Serious Security Incident - In the event of a serious security incident please listen carefully and adhere to instructions from staff. Please also be mindful of the NPCC's National Campaign on what to do in the event of a serious attack. 
  • Alcohol and Unsociable Behaviour - To conform with our licensing objectives only alcohol purchased in our bars can be consumed on the premises. Alcohol brought into the venue will be confiscated. Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. Staff are here to ensure all patrons have an enjoyable and safe experience - unruly patrons may be refused entry under these circumstances no refund shall be offered.  


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